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Trivia Quiz - The High Chaparral: Cast of Characters

I've recently rediscovered this wonderful show on youtube. "The High Chaparral" good old fashion western.

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Date Submitted: February 13, 2011
Quiz Categories: TV Dramas
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Author: phonerec
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The High Chaparral Cast of Characters
(Image Source: "The High Chaparral")

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1. Who is the owner of the High Chapparal?
  A.   Don Sebastion Montoya
  B.   John Cannon
  C.   Manolito Montoya
  D.   Buck Cannon

2. Who is John Cannon's second wife?
  A.   Pearlita
  B.   AnnaLee
  C.   Victoria
  D.   Jo

3. Who is Victoria's brother?
  A.   Manolito
  B.   Juan
  C.   Reno
  D.   Pedro

4. Who is John Cannon's brother?
  A.   Joe
  B.   Sam
  C.   Buck
  D.   Blue

5. What is the name of John Cannon's son?
  A.   Sam
  B.   Joe
  C.   Buck
  D.   Blue

6. What is the name of the foreman on "The High Chaparral"?
  A.   Sam
  B.   Pedro
  C.   Buck
  D.   Reno

7. What is the name of the foreman's brother?
  A.   Sam
  B.   Buck
  C.   Joe
  D.   Reno

8. What is the name of the bunkhouse cook?
  A.   Reno
  B.   Pedro
  C.   Vaquaro
  D.   Manolito

9. Who helps Victoria around the house?
  A.   Vaquero
  B.   Pedro
  C.   Hose
  D.   Julio

10. What is the name of John's first wife?
  A.   Victoria
  B.   Perlita
  C.   AnnaLee
  D.   Merideth®   

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