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Trivia Quiz - A to Z Vocabulary (Q Words)

Find the definitions for these words that start with the letter "Q" by taking this vocabulary quiz.

Quiz Number: 3827
Date Submitted: February 01, 2011
Quiz Categories: Grammar & Vocabulary
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 57.5 percent
Times Taken: 28 times
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A to Z Vocabulary (Q Words)
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1. quaff
  A.   to drink heartily
  B.   to laugh hysterically
  C.   a tool used in candlemaking
  D.   a unit of measure exclusive to the making of beer

2. querulous
  A.   argumentative
  B.   impatient
  C.   inclined to complain
  D.   unbalanced

3. quixotic
  A.   disgusting
  B.   fast
  C.   foolish
  D.   overly idealistic

4. quotidian
  A.   an accountant
  B.   confusion
  C.   commonplace
  D.   one who quotes others professionally

5. quandary
  A.   a dilemma
  B.   a jungle infirmary
  C.   perimeter
  D.   a trap

6. quagmire
  A.   a maze
  B.   a predicament
  C.   a swamp
  D.   a type of duck

7. qualm
  A.   a feeling of uneasiness
  B.   peaceful
  C.   a South American bird
  D.   a storm

8. quiescent
  A.   dormant
  B.   effortless
  C.   frozen
  D.   silent

9. quodam
  A.   former
  B.   a tunic worn by clergymen in India
  C.   a type of goat cheese
  D.   a weekly Islamic prayer meeting

10. quetzal
  A.   a Central American bird with brilliant plumage
  B.   an extinct rainforest mammal
  C.   a hard, yellow, apple-like fruit
  D.   a twice-baked bread invented in Germany®   

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