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Trivia Quiz - "S" Spelling Bee Words

How good a speller are you? Find the correctly spelled "S" words from the four available choices in this spelling quiz.

Quiz Number: 3824
Date Submitted: January 29, 2011
Quiz Categories: Grammar & Vocabulary
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 56.6 percent
Times Taken: 96 times
Taken by Registered Users: 12

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S Spelling Bee Words

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1. Which option below is the correct version of the word that means obscene or indecent?
  A.   salatious
  B.   salatous
  C.   salacious
  D.   salaecious

2. The study of earthquakes and tectonic movement is correctly spelled which way?
  A.   siesmology
  B.   seismology
  C.   seysmology
  D.   sizemology

3. Which version is the correct form of an artificial sweetener?
  A.   saccharin
  B.   saccarhin
  C.   saccharine
  D.   sacharine

4. How is the system that deals with waste water correctly spelled?
  A.   sewage
  B.   sewige
  C.   sewarage
  D.   sewerage

5. The study of word meanings is correctly spelled which way?
  A.   symantics
  B.   sumantics
  C.   semantics
  D.   simantics

6. Which choice below is the correct version of the word that means a fortunate and accidental event?
  A.   serendipidy
  B.   serendipity
  C.   serindipity
  D.   serundipity

7. The word that signifies a non-commissioned officer in the army is spelled correctly as?
  A.   sergeant
  B.   sargent
  C.   sargeant
  D.   seargent

8. Which version is the correct form of the instrument used by sailors to assist in navigation?
  A.   sextet
  B.   sextant
  C.   sextent
  D.   sextact

9. Which word is the correct form signifying anything to do with the Bard of Avon?
  A.   Shakespearean
  B.   Shakespearian
  C.   Shakespeerian
  D.   Shakesperean

10. Which version below is the correct form of a portrait done in outline only?
  A.   silhouett
  B.   silouette
  C.   silhouette
  D.   silouhette®   

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