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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek Next Generation: Season Two, Part A

Are you a Next Generation trekkie? Here's a Season Two quiz for you!

Quiz Number: 3816
Date Submitted: January 21, 2011
Quiz Categories: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 65 percent
Times Taken: 22 times
Taken by Registered Users: 5

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Star Trek Next Generation Season Two Part A
(Image Source: Star Trek Next Generation)

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1. In "The Child", to what planet did the Enterprise go in order to pick up plasma plague samples?
  A.   Artemis 9
  B.   Haven
  C.   Odet 9
  D.   Qualor 2

2. According to "Where Silence Has Lease", this ship was a sister ship to the Enterprise:
  A.   Lantree
  B.   Stargazer
  C.   Victory
  D.   Yamato

3. In "Elementary, My Dear Data", what was the name of the holodeck adversary created to be Data's equal?
  A.   Dr. MacDuff
  B.   Dr. Madred
  C.   Dr. Manheim
  D.   Dr. Moriarty

4. In "Loud As A Whisper", how many interpreters did Riva originally have?
  A.   four
  B.   two
  C.   one
  D.   three

5. In "A Matter of Honor", with what species did Riker serve as part of an officer exchange program?
  A.   Cardassian
  B.   Ferengi
  C.   Klingon
  D.   Romulan

6. In "The Dauphin", where had Selia and Anya been living for 16 years?
  A.   Clavdia 3
  B.   Mintaka 3
  C.   Nelvana 3
  D.   Rubicun 3

7. In "Contagion", Donald Varley believed he had found the planet where the _________ lived.
  A.   Antedians
  B.   Iconians
  C.   Kriosians
  D.   Onarians

8. In "Unnatural Selection", how was Dr. Pulaski cured in the end?
  A.   Data figured out how to reverse the disease.
  B.   The DNA from a hair found in her quarters was put into the transporter to filter out her altered DNA.
  C.   Pulaski herself discovered how to make the antidote.
  D.   The simple act of beaming her back on board takes care of things.

9. What was the name of the dead Colonel found at "The Royale"?
  A.   Ben Maxwell
  B.   Steven Richie
  C.   Bryce Shumar
  D.   Roger Soren

10. What was the name of Will Riker's father?
  A.   Kyle
  B.   Robert
  C.   Timothy
  D.   William Sr.®   

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