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Trivia Quiz - The World of Teas

How much do you know about tea? Try to answer these questions about the facts, types, flavors and history of teas.

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Date Submitted: January 16, 2011
Quiz Categories: Food & Drink
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The World of Teas
(Image Source: Green Tea)

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1. All of the following are are true of Assam tea except:
  A.   it is a black tea
  B.   it has a brisk, malty flavor
  C.   it is grown in India
  D.   it grows best in a dry climate

2. All of the following are true of Darjeeling tea except:
  A.   It comes from a region of West Bengal, India
  B.   It is also grown in Peru
  C.   It's light colored, not technically black
  D.   The seeds originally came from China

3. All of the following are true of matcha except:
  A.   It contains no caffeine
  B.   It is high in antioxidants
  C.   It is used to flavor green tea ice cream
  D.   It is a Japanese tea used in ceremonies

4. All of the following is true of Ceylon tea except:
  A.   It can be green, black, or white
  B.   It is grown in Sri Lanka
  C.   It was introduced by a British planter named James Taylor
  D.   It tastes very bitter, even when sweetened

5. All of the following is true of Oolong except:
  A.   It means "black dragon tea" in English.
  B.   It is not sold in stores
  C.   It is a traditional Chinese tea
  D.   It is withered under strong sun and oxidated before curling and twisting

6. All of the following are true of Earl Gray except:
  A.   It is Captain Picard's favorite tea
  B.   It is flavored with bergamot oil
  C.   It is the most popular tea in the world
  D.   Twinings adds lemon and Seville orange to theirs

7. All of the following are true of Lapsang Souchong except:
  A.   It is the only tea now grown in the U.S.
  B.   It was originally from the province of Fujien
  C.   It is smoked over pinewood fires
  D.   It tastes like a campfire

8. All of the following are true of Jasmine tea except:
  A.   It is based on green or white tea
  B.   It is the most famous scented tea in China
  C.   It is naturally caffeine free
  D.   It originated during the Song Dynasty

9. All of the following are true of Irish Breakfast except:
  A.   Assam teas are most often used
  B.   It is a blend of several black teas
  C.   It is commonly served with milk
  D.   It was first called Irish Breakfast by the people of Ireland

10. All of the following are true of butter tea except:
  A.   It is favored on Mongolia, Tibet, and Nepal
  B.   It is made with rock salt and yak butter
  C.   It is meant to be high in calories because of the cold temperature
  D.   It is simply tea with milk and sugar®   

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