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Trivia Quiz - The Merchant of Death

"The Merchant of Death" was written by D.J. MacHale and published by Simon and Schuster in 2002. The main character in this book, Bobby Pendragon, is whisked away on an otherworldly adventure by his Uncle Press.

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Date Submitted: January 11, 2011
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books
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Author: bbdd411
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The Merchant of Death
(Image Source: The Merchant of Death Book Cover)

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1. Where does Bobby Pendragon live?
  A.   New York, NY
  B.   Albany, NY
  C.   Buffalo, NY
  D.   Stony Brook, NY

2. How does Bobby realize Saint Dane is dangerous?
  A.   Saint Dane kills a homeless man
  B.   Saint Dane shoots at Bobby
  C.   Saint Dane has strange powers
  D.   All of the above

3. Why can Bobby understand Osa and Loor but not the other people on Denduron?
  A.   Osa and Loor speak English and the other people of Denduron do not
  B.   Osa and Loor have a translating device
  C.   Osa and Loor are Travelers
  D.   Bobby understands the language of Zadaa

4. Who does Mark enlist to read Bobby's journals with him?
  A.   Courtney Chetwynde
  B.   Carolyn Carter
  C.   Courtney Carter
  D.   Carolyn Chetwynde

5. What does Bobby think the turning point for Denduron will be?
  A.   Uncle Press' execution
  B.   The war
  C.   The use of tak
  D.   Osa's death

6. What does the turning point of Denduron turn out to be?
  A.   Uncle Press' execution
  B.   The war
  C.   The use of tak
  D.   Osa's death

7. What does Saint Dane say to Bobby?
  A.   "You will die"
  B.   "Halla will fall, and you with it"
  C.   "Fear me, Pendragon"
  D.   "Loser!"

8. How does Saint Dane prevent Bobby and Loor from following him to Cloral?
  A.   Saint Dane shuts down the flume
  B.   Saint Dane sends a quig to block the flume
  C.   Saint Dane explodes the mine
  D.   Saint Dane kills Bobby and Loor

9. How did Bobby's friends break the news to him that his house was gone?
  A.   They sent him a message
  B.   They told him about it as soon as they got back
  C.   They told him about it when he woke up
  D.   They took him the empty lot where his house was

10. Which statement is correct?
  A.   Mark is jealous of Bobby
  B.   Loor is jealous of Uncle Press
  C.   Bobby is jealous Mark
  D.   Bobby's friend that read the journal's with Mark is jealous of Loor®   

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