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Trivia Quiz - Paul Keating: 24th Australian Prime Minister

The story of the boy from Bankstown who became the "big picture" Prime Minister.

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Date Submitted: December 30, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Paul J Keating

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Paul Keating 24th Australian Prime Minister
(Image Source: Paul Keating)

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1. Born in Bankstown in 1944, Keating joined the Labor Party at what age?
  A.   15
  B.   18
  C.   21
  D.   24

2. Keating was elected to federal parliament at the same age Malcolm Fraser was. How old was he?
  A.   25
  B.   30
  C.   35
  D.   36

3. Keating was appointed Shadow Treasurer in 1983 by which leader in a bid to shore up his leadership?
  A.   Gough Whitlam
  B.   Bob Hawke
  C.   Bill Hayden
  D.   Kim Beazley

4. As Treasurer in the Hawke government, which policy did Keating actively but unsuccessfully support?
  A.   Enterprise bargaining
  B.   Deregulation of banks
  C.   Privatization of the Commonwealth Bank
  D.   Consumption tax

5. Keating extracted a private promise from Bob Hawke that he (Hawke) would retire following the 1990 election. What was this arrangement called?
  A.   The Lodge Promise
  B.   The Kirribilli Agreement
  C.   The Yarralumla Pact
  D.   The Canberra Concord

6. Keating successfully challenged Hawke in December, 1991, becoming Prime Minister. Which of the following national intiatives was not one of Keating's?
  A.   One Nation
  B.   Working Nation
  C.   Creative Nation
  D.   Resourceful Nation

7. Keating called his 1993 election win as a win "for the true believers". Which opposition leader did he defeat?
  A.   John Howard
  B.   Alexander Downer
  C.   John Hewson
  D.   Andrew Peacock

8. Keating and his eventual successor, John Howard, clashed many times on the floor of parliament. Which of the following insults was not directed at Howard?
  A.   A dead carcass swinging in the breeze
  B.   He will wear his leadership like a crown a thorns and I will do everything to crucify him
  C.   Stupid, foul-mouthed grub
  D.   The worst thing that's come our way in Australian public life in a long, long time

9. Which opera singer did Keating famously compare himself to when talking about leadership in Australian politics?
  A.   Luciano Pavarotti
  B.   Placido Domingo
  C.   Enrico Caruso
  D.   Jose Carreras

10. Keating changed the Australian political landscape in many ways. Which of the following was not one of his government's initiatives?
  A.   Mabo Land Rights legislation
  B.   Firearms regulation
  C.   Greater engagement with Asia
  D.   A move to becoming a republic®   

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