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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Random Brady Bits from Season 5

Questions about the final season of the Brady Bunch.

Quiz Number: 3760
Date Submitted: December 30, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Brady Bunch Random Brady Bits from Season 5
(Image Source: The Brady Bunch)

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1. In "Marcia Gets Creamed", Peter wants a job because:
  A.   he's saving up to buy a car
  B.   he's trying to impress a girl
  C.   he wants to buy a sterio tape deck with four speakers
  D.   he wants to feel more independent

2. When Mike decides to diet along with Alice, she packs this for his lunch:
  A.   an apple, 2 crackers, and a little piece of cheese
  B.   celery and carrot sticks
  C.   cottage cheese and fruit
  D.   sliced turkey and a hard-boiled egg

3. Once she starts working at the ice cream parlor,Marcia has no time for this guy:
  A.   Charley
  B.   Hank
  C.   Jeff
  D.   Lester

4. Where does Peter get a job after he's fired from the ice cream parlor?
  A.   Driscoll's Toy Store
  B.   Hank's Donut World
  C.   The Leaning Tower of Pizza
  D.   Martinelli's Bike Shop

5. In "My Brother's Keeper", what is Peter doing when Bobby comes out of the house with some trash to throw out?
  A.   painting the shutters
  B.   talking to the flowers
  C.   trimming the hedges
  D.   watering the lawn

6. Whose party did Peter miss while being Bobby's slave?
  A.   Barbara
  B.   Kerry
  C.   Linda
  D.   Penny

7. The Fairview quarterback whom Marcia thought was "dreamy":
  A.   Roger Sterne
  B.   Jerry Rogers
  C.   Warren Milaney
  D.   Randy Winters

8. What was the name of the Brady girls' ballet teacher?
  A.   Miss Anette
  B.   Miss Clairette
  C.   Miss Collette
  D.   Miss Colleen

9. What kind of souffle' did Mike attempt to make?
  A.   chocolate
  B.   mushroom
  C.   spinach
  D.   three cheese

10. What was the name of the teacher who liked Jan's painting?
  A.   Mrs. Ferguson
  B.   Miss Robins
  C.   Miss Tuttle
  D.   Mrs. Watson®   

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