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Trivia Quiz - Harry Gold

Questions about Harry Gold's background, ideology, and the Russian espionage in which he engaged.

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Date Submitted: September 25, 2015
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
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Quiz is about: Harry Gold

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Harry Gold
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1. What was Harry Gold's ethnic background?
  A.   English
  B.   Jewish
  C.   Catholic
  D.   Italian

2. What was said to be Harry Gold's fatal personality trait?
  A.   His laziness
  B.   His aggressive outspoken attitude
  C.   His stubbornness
  D.   His desire to please people

3. Harry Gold had a deep dislike for what political group?
  A.   German Nazis
  B.   Italian Fascists
  C.   Chinese Communists
  D.   A and B

4. The first information that Gold began providing to the Russians were secrets of what institution?
  A.   Pennsylvania Sugar Company
  B.   Xavier College
  C.   Los Almos
  D.   Philadelphia General Hospital

5. Who first approached Harry Gold about sharing industrial secrets with Moscow?
  A.   Ben Smilg
  B.   Claus Fuchs
  C.   Tom Black
  D.   Abe Brothman

6. What was Harry Gold's biggest initial reason for providing industrial and military information to the Soviet Union?
  A.   To he the Russian people improve their standard of living
  B.   To get back at the American government, whom he was angry with
  C.   To prevent his family from being killed
  D.   To make extra money

7. Why did Harry Gold feel indebted to Tom Black?
  A.   He had saved his life in a near accident
  B.   He had helped him get a job during the Depression
  C.   He had mentored him through college
  D.   He had protected him from being bullied in high school

8. Where did Harry Gold die?
  A.   home in bed
  B.   at work
  C.   on the operating table
  D.   in prison

9. Whose trial did Harry Gold testify at and contribute to a guilty verdict and subsequent execution?
  A.   David Greenglass
  B.   Klaus Fuchs
  C.   Atoli Yakovlev
  D.   Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

10. How many years was Harry Gold sentenced to for his espionage work with the Soviet Union?
  A.   10 years
  B.   20 years
  C.   30 years
  D.   40 years®   

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