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Trivia Quiz - Big Business

Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin star in this cute older film.

Quiz Number: 3726
Date Submitted: December 26, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Times Taken: 74 times
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Big Business
(Image Source: Big Business)

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1. Both sets of twin girls were born here:
  A.   Hickville
  B.   Jupiter Hollow
  C.   Neptune Gulch
  D.   Saturn Valley

2. The name of Rose and Sadie Ratliff's father:
  A.   Garth
  B.   Harlan
  C.   Hunt
  D.   Roone

3. The name of Sadie Shelton's son:
  A.   Ethan
  B.   Jackson
  C.   Jason
  D.   Nathan

4. The company Sadie and Rose Shelton worked for:
  A.   Graham and Sherbourne Inc.
  B.   Hollowmade
  C.   Moramax
  D.   Denver-Carrington

5. The name Rose gave the dog she found in the park:
  A.   Buck
  B.   Duke
  C.   Hank
  D.   Jake

6. The soap at the Plaza Hotel was shaped like:
  A.   goldfish
  B.   hearts
  C.   roses
  D.   swans

7. Sadie Ratliff yodeled along with this song played by street musicians in New York:
  A.   The Banana Boat Song
  B.   The Entertainer
  C.   Jamaica Farewell
  D.   The Music Box Dancer

8. Rose Ratliff's beau gave her a ring set with a(n):
  A.   cubic zirconia
  B.   emerald
  C.   miniature golf ball
  D.   ruby

9. Chuck got his bathrobe from:
  A.   Cape Cod
  B.   Catalina Island
  C.   Fire Island
  D.   Viet Nam

10. According to Sadie,the company planning to sell the furniture factory had the image problem of a:
  A.   Doberman
  B.   wolverine
  C.   Pit Bull
  D.   pig®   

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