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Trivia Quiz - Joseph Lyons (Honest Joe): 10th Prime Minister of Australia

The Prime Minister with the common touch who was underestimated by colleagues and critics.

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Date Submitted: December 18, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Joseph A Lyons

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Joseph Lyons (Honest Joe) 10th Prime Minister of Australia
(Image Source: Joseph Lyons)

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1. Joseph Lyons, born in 1879, became the first Prime Minister from which state?
  A.   Western Australia
  B.   Queensland
  C.   Tasmania
  D.   South Australia

2. Before becoming a teacher at 17, which of the following jobs did Lyons not perform?
  A.   messenger boy
  B.   cobbler's mate
  C.   printer's apprentice
  D.   scrub cutter

3. Lyons married his wife, Enid (17 years his junior) when he and she held which respective positions?
  A.   Minister for Health and nurse
  B.   Minister for Education and teacher
  C.   Treasurer and bank private secretary
  D.   Attorney General and legal secretary

4. Which party did Lyons originally represent at state and federal level?
  A.   United Australia Party (UAP)
  B.   Country Party
  C.   States' Rights Party
  D.   Labor Party

5. Becoming Prime Minister in 1932, Lyons had previously been a member of which P M's cabinet?
  A.   Stanley Bruce
  B.   James Scullin
  C.   Stanley Bruce
  D.   William Hughes

6. Unlike his two immediate predecessors, Bruce and Scullin who had no children, Lyons had how many children with Enid?
  A.   7
  B.   9
  C.   11
  D.   12

7. Cartoonists lampooned Lyons by drawing him as which Australian animal?
  A.   kangaroo
  B.   emu
  C.   wombat
  D.   koala

8. In 1938, Lyons opposed which perennial contentious issue?
  A.   White Australia Policy
  B.   Conscription
  C.   Government funding of religious schools
  D.   State-imposed income tax

9. Which subsequent prime minister resigned from Lyons' cabinet in March, 1939 in attempt to undermine him?
  A.   Robert Menzies
  B.   Earle Page
  C.   Arthur Fadden
  D.   John Curtin

10. Which of these "firsts" is not true of Joseph Lyons?
  A.   First P M to have switched party allegiance
  B.   First non-Labor Catholic P M
  C.   First P M to die in office
  D.   First P M to win three successive elections®   

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