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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Brady Kitchen: Part 2

Another look at Brady cuisine. I love "The Brady Bunch"!

Quiz Number: 3669
Date Submitted: December 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Brady Bunch Brady Kitchen Part 2
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1. When they are looking for Cindy's doll, Bobby finds an old candy bar of his. What kind is it?
  A.   caramel with peanuts
  B.   chocolate marshmallow
  C.   dark chocolate with almonds
  D.   vanilla fudge

2. When Alice sprained her ankle and the girls make breakfast, which of the following does Marcia NOT do?
  A.   burn the toast
  B.   drop the eggs on the floor
  C.   drop the orange juice on the floor
  D.   perk the coffee too long

3. What did Greg and Peter eat when they raided the kitchen on the night Jan's locket vanished?
  A.   cookies
  B.   fried chicken
  C.   pie
  D.   sandwiches

4. In "The Dropout", which of the following is NOT an ingredient in Greg's "quick energizer drink".
  A.   beet bottoms
  B.   cod liver oil
  C.   raw eggs
  D.   turnip tops

5. In "The Treasure of Sierra Avenue", what does Cindy refuse to share with Bobby?
  A.   bubble gum
  B.   chocolate
  C.   jelly beans
  D.   licorice

6. When Alice asks Marcia to make a birthday cake for Jan, which of the following is NOT part of Marcia's plan for it?
  A.   lemon chiffon
  B.   peppermint sherbet filling
  C.   pink frosting
  D.   three layer

7. When Aunt Jenny visits, what entree does she make for dinner?
  A.   borsht
  B.   kung pao chicken
  C.   sukiyaki
  D.   teriyaki

8. What dessert does Alice serve to great grandma Hutchins and great grandpa Brady?
  A.   baked Alaska
  B.   cherries jubilee
  C.   creme brulee'
  D.   crepes Suzettes

9. When Mike tastes the spaghetti sauce that Carol and Alice have made, he says they've added too much:
  A.   basil
  B.   garlic
  C.   oregano
  D.   salt

10. When Mike makes a gourmet meal for the family, what does he make for dessert?
  A.   baklava
  B.   bananas Foster
  C.   cherries jubilee
  D.   chocolate mousse®   

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