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Trivia Quiz - ABA: American Basketball Association Teams

Can you match the team nicknames with their franchise cities from the original ABA which was founded in 1967 and merged with the NBA in 1976?

Quiz Number: 3665
Date Submitted: December 11, 2010
Quiz Categories: Basketball
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 71.8 percent
Times Taken: 83 times
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ABA American Basketball Association Teams
(Image Source: ABA Game Ball)

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1. Los Angeles:
  A.   Aces
  B.   Stars
  C.   Princes
  D.   Fame

2. Houston:
  A.   Mavericks
  B.   Rockets
  C.   Haymakers
  D.   Boatmen

3. Miami:
  A.   Floridians
  B.   Muskies
  C.   Tams
  D.   Falcons

4. New Orleans:
  A.   Deltas
  B.   Buccaneers
  C.   Pros
  D.   Sounds

5. Carolina:
  A.   Chiefs
  B.   Bears
  C.   Cougars
  D.   Panthers

6. Anaheim:
  A.   Atlas
  B.   Amigos
  C.   Argonauts
  D.   Boomerangs

7. New Jersey:
  A.   Spurs
  B.   Larks
  C.   Hustlers
  D.   Americans

8. Kentucky:
  A.   Colonels
  B.   Claws
  C.   Wildcats
  D.   Pipers

9. Washington:
  A.   Caps
  B.   Chaparrals
  C.   Pioneers
  D.   Americans

10. Virginia:
  A.   Oaks
  B.   Conquistadors
  C.   Squires
  D.   Condors®   

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