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Trivia Quiz - Vocabulary: Uncommon Words & Their Definitions

See if you know the definitions of these unusual words by taking this vocabulary quiz.

Quiz Number: 3657
Date Submitted: December 10, 2010
Quiz Categories: Grammar & Vocabulary
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 44.8 percent
Times Taken: 93 times
Taken by Registered Users: 8

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Vocabulary Uncommon Words  Their Definitions
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1. "Psithurism"
  A.   The sound of wind in trees or rustling leaves
  B.   The act of eating frogs
  C.   The worship of one's self
  D.   The act of mentally undressing someone

2. "Nelipot"
  A.   Someone who has huge feet
  B.   Someone who walks without shoes
  C.   One who cuts their own hair
  D.   The tip of the middle finger

3. Dompteuse
  A.   Someone who bites their toenails
  B.   The first person you see after leaving your house
  C.   A woman who trains animals
  D.   A feeble attempt at humor

4. "Agelast"
  A.   The masculine qualities in a woman
  B.   A person who never laughs
  C.   A surgical sponge accidentally left in a patient's body
  D.   An artfully veiled insult

5. "Maledicent"
  A.   One who loves doing crossword puzzles
  B.   Someone with a large buttocks
  C.   Someone who consumes food quickly
  D.   One who is addicted to abusive speech

6. "Pyknic"
  A.   A person who is learning the alphabet
  B.   Key-hole shaped
  C.   Short and fat
  D.   Permitting people to do as they like

7. "Gongoozler"
  A.   A person who spends excessively on food and drink
  B.   An idle spectator
  C.   A sofa built for two people
  D.   One who eats worms

8. "Capernoited"
  A.   Having a short nose
  B.   The act of eating while lying down
  C.   Slightly intoxicated or tipsy
  D.   A state of depression or low spirits

9. "Quomodocunquize"
  A.   To make money by any means possible
  B.   To diet on only bread and water
  C.   The act of self-castration
  D.   Light tickling

10. "Estrapade"
  A.   Having bad breath
  B.   A knockout blow, either mental or physical
  C.   A horse's attempt to remove its rider
  D.   A long stretch of open level ground®   

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