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Trivia Quiz - Police Radio "10" Codes

If you've ever listened to a police scanner or watched a cop show, perhaps you've heard some of these codes used. Can you identify these police radio "10" codes?

Quiz Number: 3624
Date Submitted: December 02, 2010
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Police Radio 10 Codes

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1. "10-4"
  A.   Affirmative / Understood / Message received
  B.   You are being received poorly / Cannot copy
  C.   Use caution
  D.   Busy / Out at call

2. "10-9"
  A.   Request arrests/warrants check
  B.   Request drivers license check
  C.   Repeat last message
  D.   Subject wanted, felony

3. "10-8"
  A.   Advise weather and road conditions
  B.   In service
  C.   Traffic light out
  D.   Return to station or location

4. "10-20"
  A.   Person with gun
  B.   Request arrests/warrants check
  C.   Does not conform to rules or regulations
  D.   Your location

5. "10-28"
  A.   Emergency backup / Emergency at station
  B.   Emergency, all units stand by
  C.   Check registration on vehicle
  D.   Permission to leave patrol

6. "10-38"
  A.   Traffic stop
  B.   Run with lights and siren
  C.   End duty
  D.   Begin duty

7. "10-70"
  A.   Road blocked / Man down
  B.   Intoxicated driver
  C.   Fire alarm / Prowler
  D.   Send coroner

8. "10-100"
  A.   Misdemeanor warrant / Out using restroom
  B.   Street racing
  C.   Officer's residence
  D.   Advise ETA

9. "10-2000"
  A.   Assignment complete / Prison break
  B.   Police required immediately
  C.   Bomb threat
  D.   Alarm going off / Bank alarm

10. "10-107"
  A.   Narcotics, drugs involved
  B.   Impersonating an officer
  C.   Suspicious person
  D.   Arrived at scene / Record information®   

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