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Trivia Quiz - The Trouble With Harry

"The Trouble with Harry" is my very favorite Hitchcock film. It has an all star cast, including an adorable Jerry Mathers. It was also the lovely Shirley MacLaine's film debut. If you are a fan, take my quiz and see how much you recall. Have fun!

Quiz Number: 3576
Date Submitted: November 19, 2010
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Trouble With Harry
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1. On what street did Harry Worp live?
  A.   Chestnut Avenue
  B.   Maple Avenue
  C.   Oak Street
  D.   Sycamore Lane

2. What kind of muffins did Miss Gravely make for Captain Wiles?
  A.   blueberry
  B.   chocolate
  C.   elderberry
  D.   strawberry

3. The characters in the film made several suggestions as to what might be done with Harry. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
  A.   Let him decompose in the woods over the winter.
  B.   Mail him back home.
  C.   Push him off the boat pier, into the pond.
  D.   Stuff him and put him in a glass case.

4. What was the name of Jennifers first husband?
  A.   Arnie
  B.   Calvin
  C.   Robert
  D.   Roger

5. What was Harrys astrological sign?
  A.   Aries
  B.   Cancer
  C.   Scorpio
  D.   Taurus

6. What did Mrs. Rogers like most in the whole world?
  A.   blueberries
  B.   muffins
  C.   peaches
  D.   strawberries

7. How did Miss Gravely say her father died?
  A.   He was shot by accident.
  B.   He was caught in a threshing machine.
  C.   He hit his head on a brick wall and died 2 days later.
  D.   He passed away peacefully in his sleep.

8. What did Sam ask the millionaire for?
  A.   art supplies
  B.   cash
  C.   a double bed
  D.   a hunting outfit

9. What did Captain Wiles say about marriage?
  A.   It requires rose colored glasses.
  B.   It\'s the comfortable way to spend the winter.
  C.   It adds zest to your work.
  D.   It makes life horribly complicated.

10. What was Miss Gravely looking at when she said What a pretty sight?
  A.   colorful fall foliage
  B.   Sam and Jennifer kissing
  C.   the sunset
  D.   wild blueberry bushes®   

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