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Trivia Quiz - NFL Players' Nicknames

Can you identify the NFL player by their nickname?

Quiz Number: 3519
Date Submitted: November 05, 2010
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 65.1 percent
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NFL Players Nicknames
(Image Source: National Football League)

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1. What NFL sack machine was known as "The Minister of Defense"?
  A.   Derrick Thomas
  B.   Reggie White
  C.   Richard Dent
  D.   Bruce Smith

2. Which elusive halfback was nicknamed "The Galloping Ghost" because no one could catch him? (Sometimes called "The Wheaton Iceman")
  A.   Harold "Red" Grange
  B.   Elroy Hirsch
  C.   Bronko Nagurski
  D.   Jim Brown

3. Which running back earned the nickname "Iron Head" because of his hard-nosed style of running?
  A.   Franco Harris
  B.   Larry Czonka
  C.   Jerome Bettis
  D.   Craig Heyward

4. Which player earned the nickname "Hacksaw" in 1969 by cutting an abandoned car in half with a hacksaw after a big loss?
  A.   Jack Youngblood
  B.   Randy Gradishar
  C.   Jack Reynolds
  D.   Dick Butkus

5. Unusually tall for a linebacker, which player was known as "The Mad Stork" ?
  A.   Ted Hendricks
  B.   Jack Lambert
  C.   Ray Nitchske
  D.   Jack Ham

6. Which incomparable running back was simply known as "Sweetness"?
  A.   Marshall Faulk
  B.   Emmit Smith
  C.   Walter Payton
  D.   Barry Sanders

7. Which multi-talented, big playmaker was known as "Prime Time"?
  A.   Jerry Rice
  B.   Deion Sanders
  C.   Michael Irvin
  D.   Bo Jackson

8. Which bruising running back from Tyler, Texas was known as "The Tyler Rose"?
  A.   Ickey Woods
  B.   Earl Campbell
  C.   Doak Walker
  D.   Billy Sims

9. Which lightning fast receiver earned the nickname, "Rocket"? (His brother was known as "Missile")
  A.   Raghib Ismail
  B.   Quadry Ismail
  C.   John Jefferson
  D.   Isaac Bruce

10. Which running back was given the nickname "The Kansas Comet" by the Director of Sports Information at the University of Kansas?
  A.   John Riggins
  B.   Gale Sayers
  C.   Moran Norris
  D.   Marion Motley®   

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