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Trivia Quiz - Coffee Facts

This is a great trivia quiz about the history, facts and types of coffee!

Quiz Number: 3518
Date Submitted: November 04, 2010
Quiz Categories: Culture, Food & Drink
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Ida May
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Coffee Facts
(Image Source: Coffee)

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1. In beverage popularity, coffee is found to be:
  A.   recently surpassed by carbonated drinks like pop
  B.   foremost in the modern world
  C.   about the same as alcoholic beverages
  D.   second only to tea

2. Coffee interferes with the absorption of what in your system?
  A.   magnesium
  B.   iron
  C.   vitamin B
  D.   calcium

3. At what stage is the decaffeination process done?
  A.   while the beans are still green
  B.   after they are roasted
  C.   decaffeination involves a different species of coffee altogether
  D.   decaffeination involves a higher roasting temperature

4. Coffee is an evergreen plant and its beans are found in what?
  A.   berries
  B.   cones
  C.   pods
  D.   shells

5. Which of the following is a devestating disease to the coffee plant?
  A.   Fusarium wilt
  B.   Eastern coffee blight
  C.   Coffee leaf rust
  D.   African fruit blotch

6. What modern-day country is credited with discovering the stimulating effects of coffee?
  A.   Yemen
  B.   Ethiopia
  C.   Indonesia
  D.   Cambodia

7. As long as modern-day records have been kept, what country has exported the largest amount of coffee?
  A.   Ethiopia
  B.   Indonesia
  C.   Vietnam
  D.   Brazil

8. Coffee is grown in about how many countries?
  A.   over 12
  B.   over 30
  C.   over 70
  D.   over 100

9. Where was cultivation of coffee first expanded?
  A.   An early Chinese dynasty
  B.   The Mayan Empire
  C.   in the Arab world
  D.   Western Africa

10. Which famous composer wrote "The Coffee Cantata"?
  A.   Johann Sebastian Bach
  B.   Franz Schubert
  C.   George Fredrich Handel
  D.   Joseph Haydn®   

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