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Trivia Quiz - Flipper: Everyone's Favorite Dolphin!

Questions about the characters, actors, episodes and history of the 1960s television show Flipper - America's favorite dolphin!

Quiz Number: 3496
Date Submitted: October 23, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Flipper Everyones Favorite Dolphin
(Image Source: Flipper)

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1. In what year did Flipper debut?
  A.   1962
  B.   1964
  C.   1965
  D.   1966

2. Which actor played loving father, Porter Ricks?
  A.   Chuck Connors
  B.   Brian Kelly
  C.   Dan Chandler
  D.   Andy Devine

3. Flipper was based on which Chuck Connors film?
  A.   Flipper
  B.   Captain Nemo and the Underwater City
  C.   South Sea Woman
  D.   Aquatic Country

4. Why was Porter Ricks a single father?
  A.   Divorced
  B.   Widowed
  C.   Adopted children
  D.   Was never revealed

5. What were the names of Porter Ricks' two sons?
  A.   Sandy and Bud
  B.   Randy and Brad
  C.   Bud and Tommy
  D.   Luke and Andy

6. What type of dolphin was Flipper?
  A.   Bottlenose
  B.   Hourglass
  C.   Spinner
  D.   Clymene

7. The enhanced sound of what creature actually provided the famous voice of Flipper?
  A.   Woodpecker
  B.   Chimpanzee
  C.   Hyena
  D.   Kookaburra

8. Where was the fictional location of the Rick's cottage?
  A.   Floridian Seascape Park and Aquarium
  B.   Coral Gables Oceanside Park
  C.   Miami Dolphin Sanctuary Preserve
  D.   Coral Key Park and Marine Preserve

9. Why were only female dolphins used in the making of Flipper?
  A.   Less aggressive than male dolphins
  B.   Smarter than male dolphins
  C.   Male dolphins cannot perform the tail walk trick
  D.   Male dolphins have no dorsal fin

10. Which famous actor made a guest appearance during the second season?
  A.   Robert Duvall
  B.   Burt Lancaster
  C.   Warren Beatty
  D.   None of the above®   

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