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Trivia Quiz - Andrew Fisher: 5th Australian Prime Minister

A quiz on the prime minister who brought many changes to Australia and who also took the nation into World War I.

Quiz Number: 3468
Date Submitted: September 27, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Andrew Fisher

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Andrew Fisher 5th Australian Prime Minister
(Image Source: Andrew Fisher)

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1. Andrew Fisher was born in 1862 in which country?
  A.   England
  B.   Scotland
  C.   Ireland
  D.   Wales

2. In 1885, Fisher and his brother migrated to Australia and settled in which state?
  A.   Victoria
  B.   New South Wales
  C.   Queensland
  D.   South Australia

3. Fisher was elected to the first federal parliament in 1901 representing which party?
  A.   Labour
  B.   Protectionists
  C.   Free Trade
  D.   Commonwealth Liberals

4. Fisher became Prime Minister in 1908 following the fall of whom?
  A.   Alfred Deakin
  B.   Billy Hughes
  C.   George Reid
  D.   Chris Watson

5. Which far-reaching decision was made by the first Fisher government?
  A.   Provision of the Snowy Mountains Irrigation Scheme
  B.   Provision of a new federal capital in the Yass area
  C.   A national conscription program
  D.   Introduction of a standardized rail gauge

6. Fisher's 2nd term government was distinctive for what reason?
  A.   It was the first time women were able to vote in a federal election
  B.   A woman was elected to parliament for the first time
  C.   It was Australia's first majority federal government
  D.   The King of England opened federal parliament

7. Which of these were not introduced by Fisher in his second term?
  A.   Workers' compensation scheme
  B.   National irrigation scheme
  C.   Formation of the Royal Australian Navy
  D.   Establishment of a national paper currency

8. At the outbreak of World War I, Fisher famously pledged Australia "would stand beside the mother the last man and the last _________."
  A.   bullet
  B.   shilling
  C.   breath
  D.   charge

9. While Prime Minister for three terms, Fisher also held which portfolio?
  A.   Foreign Affairs
  B.   Treasurer
  C.   Defence
  D.   Labour

10. Following his resignation in 1915 due to ill-health, Fisher held which position?
  A.   High Court Judge
  B.   Governor General
  C.   High Commissioner to Britain
  D.   Premier of New South Wales®   

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