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Trivia Quiz - Edmund Barton: 1st Australian Prime Minister

A quiz on Australia's first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton. He almost didn't make it!

Quiz Number: 3440
Date Submitted: August 06, 2010
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Edmund Barton

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Edmund Barton 1st Australian Prime Minister
(Image Source: Edmund Barton)

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1. Barton was born in 1849 in which Australian city?
  A.   Newcastle
  B.   Wollongong
  C.   Melbourne
  D.   Sydney

2. Barton graduated from university with which degree?
  A.   Law
  B.   Economics
  C.   Arts
  D.   Engineering

3. Which cause did Barton believe in and champion?
  A.   Republicanism
  B.   Federation
  C.   Organised labor
  D.   Aboriginal rights

4. What position did Barton hold in the NSW Legislative Assembly?
  A.   Speaker
  B.   President
  C.   Chief Whip
  D.   Opposition Leader

5. As a member of the Athenaeum Club, devoted to the finer things in life, Barton met which two visiting celebrated writers?
  A.   Jules Verne & Rudyard Kipling
  B.   G K Chesterton & Jack London
  C.   Mark Twain and R L Stevenson
  D.   Charles Dickens & Anthony Trollope

6. Although Barton eventually became Australia's first prime minister, which politician was first selected by the governor general to hold the office?
  A.   William Lyne
  B.   Henry Parkes
  C.   Alfred Deakin
  D.   William Hughes

7. Which party did Barton head?
  A.   Free Trade
  B.   Protectionist
  C.   Labour
  D.   Royalist

8. Which policy did Barton and his party introduce?
  A.   White Australia
  B.   National Rail Gauge
  C.   Eight hour working day
  D.   Minimum award wage

9. As prime minister, one of Barton's first tasks was to:
  A.   organize national elections
  B.   choose a site for a national capital
  C.   invite Queen Victoria to visit
  D.   create a national currency

10. In 1903 Barton resigned his position to take up what post?
  A.   High Commissioner to Britain
  B.   Judge on the High Court
  C.   Governor of NSW
  D.   Governor General of Australia®   

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