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Trivia Quiz - Famous Ships

A quiz about some of the notable vessels and captains that have sailed their way into history. We have famous ship trivia right here!

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Date Submitted: July 02, 2010
Quiz Categories: History, Exploration
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Famous Ships
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1. The Golden Hind was the flagship of which British captain?
  A.   Horatio Nelson
  B.   James Cook
  C.   Francis Drake
  D.   William Dampier

2. On which ship was the Japanese surrender signed to end World War II in 1945?
  A.   USS Yorktown
  B.   USS California
  C.   USS Missouri
  D.   USS Hawaii

3. Whose ship was the Santa Maria?
  A.   Vasco Da Gama
  B.   Bartholomew Diaz
  C.   Christopher Columbus
  D.   Prince Henry The Navigator

4. What was the Argentinian ship sunk in the Falklands War in 1982?
  A.   General Allegrano
  B.   General Belgrano
  C.   General Dalgrano
  D.   General Kandano

5. The Kon Tiki was sailed by which famous explorer?
  A.   Henry Hudson
  B.   Marco Polo
  C.   Ferdinand Magellan
  D.   Thor Heyerdahl

6. What was the name of Henry VIII's flagship which sank off the Isle of Wight in 1545?
  A.   Anne Boleyn
  B.   Mary Rose
  C.   Emily Jane
  D.   Lady Catherine

7. Which famous adventurer sailed The Beagle?
  A.   Francis Drake
  B.   Dirk Hartog
  C.   Abel Tasman
  D.   Charles Darwin

8. In which ship did James Cook chart the east coast of Australia in 1770?
  A.   Challenger
  B.   Endeavour
  C.   Enterprise
  D.   Resolute

9. Who was the captain of Victory?
  A.   Horatio Nelson
  B.   John Paul Jones
  C.   Nathan Hale
  D.   Chester Nimitz

10. What was the name of Jacques Cousteau's research vessel?
  A.   Habanera
  B.   Reggae
  C.   Calypso
  D.   Conga®   

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