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Trivia Quiz - Mohandas Gandhi: India's "Father of the Nation"

What do you know about life and times of Mohandas Gandhi, the spiritual leader of India?

Quiz Number: 339
Date Submitted: April 12, 2006
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Indian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: charles
Average Score: 72.2 percent
Times Taken: 207 times
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Quiz is about: Mohandas K Gandhi

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Mohandas Gandhi Indias Father of the Nation
(Image Source: Mohandas Gandhi Public Domain Photo)

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1. Gandhi's policy was to never use what even if his opponents used it against him and his followers?
  A.   bullets
  B.   violence
  C.   hatred
  D.   weapons

2. Gandhi's wife's first name was:
  A.   Kasturba
  B.   Indira
  C.   Kamala
  D.   Niharika

3. What was the name of the project that Gandhi started in which people people from different religions lived together in peace and freedom.
  A.   ashram
  B.   raja yoga
  C.   meditat
  D.   himalyas

4. One of the major sources of work that Gandhi thought the British took from the Indians was what?
  A.   grinding grain into flour
  B.   growing vegetables
  C.   spinning cloth
  D.   raising sheep

5. Gandhi marched over 140 miles to the sea to protest what?
  A.   British control of the salt industry
  B.   British control of all shipping ports
  C.   British control of the fishing industry
  D.   British control of the tourist industry

6. What did Gandhi do before he got involved in the freedom struggle?
  A.   police officer
  B.   farmer
  C.   doctor
  D.   lawyer

7. In what year did India finally gain her independence from Britian?
  A.   1946
  B.   1947
  C.   1948
  D.   1949

8. After independence, what country was formed breaking off from India as a mostly Muslim country?
  A.   Sri Lanka
  B.   Tibet
  C.   Nepal
  D.   Pakistan

9. How did Gandhi die?
  A.   he was shot and killed by a Hindu fanatic
  B.   he was shot and killed by a Muslim fanatic
  C.   he died fasting
  D.   he died of old age

10. What actor won the 1982 best actor award for his portrayal of Gandhi?
  A.   Martin Short
  B.   Ben Kingsley
  C.   Joel Grey
  D.   Michael J. Fox®   

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