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Trivia Quiz - It is the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown

Hope you do not lay an egg by taking this quiz about the holiday classic, "It is the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown"!

Quiz Number: 3350
Date Submitted: April 01, 2010
Quiz Categories: Holidays, Peanuts Animated Series
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: catherine
Average Score: 56.2 percent
Times Taken: 237 times
Taken by Registered Users: 12

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It is the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown
(Image Source: Easter Beagle Title Card)

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1. Who's the one who believes in the Easter Beagle and tries to make the others believe in his existence?
  A.   Linus
  B.   Lucy
  C.   Charlie Brown
  D.   Schroeder

2. Who does not seem to know how to prepare the Easter eggs properly?
  A.   Peppermint Patty
  B.   Marcie
  C.   Patty
  D.   Violet

3. What seems to perplex the kids when they first enter the department store?
  A.   an annoying sales person trying to get them to buy a color TV set
  B.   they can't find the Easter decorations
  C.   they lose Peppermint Patty
  D.   store displays of Christmas decorations

4. In the department store, the kids go up the escalator. Who is the only one that goes down the escalator?
  A.   Snoopy
  B.   Sally
  C.   Charlie Brown
  D.   Linus

5. Where does Snoopy see a vision of bunny rabbits dancing in a circle?
  A.   inside his doghouse
  B.   inside Woodstock's birdhouse
  C.   looking into a vase that he sees in the department store
  D.   in a dream that he has while asleep on top of his doghouse

6. What does Snoopy see when he peers into Woodstock's birdhouse?
  A.   Woodstock, kissing his girlfriend
  B.   Woodstock, sleeping on an Easter egg
  C.   a quintessential 1970s pad, complete with a television, artwork, and a quadrophonic stereo system
  D.   Woodstock and his bird friends, having a party

7. How does Snoopy break Woodstock's birdhouse?
  A.   he sticks his oversized nose into the bird hole
  B.   he drops it, with Woodstock in it
  C.   the branch on which he hangs the birdhouse breaks off
  D.   it won't hang on the branch so he gets mad and throws it

8. From whom does The Easter Beagle (aka Snoopy) steal colored Easter eggs?
  A.   Lucy
  B.   Linus
  C.   Charlie Brown
  D.   Woodstock

9. The Easter Beagle (aka Snoopy) dances around the neighborhood on Easter morning, handing out colored eggs to the children. What happens when he gets to Charlie Brown?
  A.   he laughs at him and shakes his head "no"
  B.   he sticks his tongue out at him
  C.   he skips right by him
  D.   he runs out of eggs

10. At the end, Lucy is upset with Snoopy and challenges him to a fight. Instead, Snoopy does what to Lucy?
  A.   gives her an Easter egg he had colored on his own
  B.   plants a sloppy kiss on her face
  C.   offers her his hand in marriage
  D.   dances with her®   

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