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Trivia Quiz - House of Cards: British TV Drama

"House of Cards" was a TV series which graphically depicted the rise to power of the deliciously evil Francis Urquhart - known to friends and foes as "F. U."

Quiz Number: 3310
Date Submitted: January 10, 2010
Quiz Categories: British TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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House of Cards British TV Drama
(Image Source: House of Cards @ Wikipedia)

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1. At the commencement of the series, what position did Francis hold?
  A.   Home Secretary
  B.   Party Chairman
  C.   Chief Whip
  D.   Chancellor of the Exchequer

2. Who was the Prime Minister that F. U. wanted to usurp?
  A.   Henry Collingridge
  B.   Michael Samuels
  C.   Patrick Woolton
  D.   Harold Earle

3. In an attempt to weaken the Prime Minister, Francis framed which member of the P.M.'s family?
  A.   His wife
  B.   His father
  C.   His brother
  D.   His sister

4. F. U.'s wife was as amoral as he. Her name was?
  A.   Diana
  B.   Elizabeth
  C.   Sarah
  D.   Emily

5. The Conservative Party's annual conference took place in which English seaside town?
  A.   Blackpool
  B.   Bognor Regis
  C.   Brighton
  D.   Southampton

6. Francis co-opted the assistance of fellow M.P. Roger O'Neill. When Roger had outlived his usefulness, how did Francis dispose of him?
  A.   Had his car fitted with a bomb
  B.   Had MI5 agents shoot him in a staged assassination attempt
  C.   Got him drunk and injected him with a drug overdose
  D.   Mixed rat poison with his cocaine cache

7. Francis used the services of the journalist, Mattie Storin. Which newspaper did she work for?
  A.   The Clarion
  B.   The Chronicle
  C.   The Herald
  D.   The Argus

8. Mattie and Francis became romantically involved. What pet name did Mattie have for Francis?
  A.   Frankie
  B.   Daddy
  C.   F. F. U.
  D.   My Prime Lover

9. After Francis throws Mattie from the roof-top garden to her death, what important item of hers was picked up by a mysterious person?
  A.   Her diary
  B.   Her wallet
  C.   Her tape recorder
  D.   Her house and security keys

10. Francis said the Prime Minister he removed wanted to be liked. "An admirable trait in a spaniel or a ......?
  A.   whore
  B.   wife
  C.   town mayor
  D.   television presenter®   

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