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Trivia Quiz - Bob Ross: American Painter and TV Host

What do you know about personal life and career of frizzie-haired painter, Bob Ross?

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Date Submitted: October 08, 2009
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
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Quiz is about: Bob Ross

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Bob Ross American Painter and TV Host
(Image Source: Bob Ross @ Widmer-Rahmen)

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1. Bob Ross spent 20 years in what branch of the service?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Air Force
  D.   Marines

2. While in the service, Ross was transferred to a state where he first saw the snow and mountains that became recurring themes in his art work. What state was it?
  A.   Washington
  B.   Alaska
  C.   Montana
  D.   North Dakota

3. Bob Ross had a son, Steven, from his first marraige. What was his first wife's name?
  A.   Liza
  B.   LouAnn
  C.   Lucille
  D.   Lydia

4. What was the name of the television program, running from 1983 to 1994, that Bob Ross created and hosted?
  A.   The Joy of Painting
  B.   Enjoy Your Painting
  C.   Painting Is Fun
  D.   The Bob Ross Show

5. Occasionally, Bob Ross filmed wildlife footage from his own garden. What type of wildlife did he especially like to film?
  A.   rabbits
  B.   birds
  C.   deer
  D.   squirrels

6. Bob Ross was fond of saying "We don't make mistakes,.....
  A.   we just change our minds."
  B.   we just improve on our ideas."
  C.   we fix them."
  D.   we just have happy little accidents."

7. What kind of trees did Bob Ross like to paint?
  A.   maple trees
  B.   pine trees
  C.   happy trees
  D.   oak trees

8. In many episodes of his show, what did Bob Ross note was one of his favorite parts of painting?
  A.   coming up with the idea for the painting
  B.   choosing the colors
  C.   cleaning the brush
  D.   signing the painting

9. What comment did Bob Ross make about creating the kind of world he wanted - a calm, happy world - in his paintings?
  A.   "Well, calm and happy is a good thing."
  B.   "It's my world."
  C.   "Shoot, if you want bad stuff, watch the news."
  D.   "It's a dream to strive for."

10. Bob Ross died of lymphoma in 1995 at what age?
  A.   48
  B.   50
  C.   52
  D.   55®   

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