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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Carol Brady

What do you know about Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch?

Quiz Number: 3182
Date Submitted: September 07, 2009
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: madman
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Times Taken: 298 times
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The Brady Bunch Carol Brady
(Image Source: Carol Brady @ Mother's Day)

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1. In the series' sole Christmas episode, Carol develops laryngitis and may not be able to sing at the Christmas service. She regains her voice just in time to sing what Christmas song?
  A.   Oh, Come All Ye Faithful
  B.   The Little Drummer Boy
  C.   Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
  D.   Oh, Holy Night

2. When Carol and Mike switch roles, Mike helps Marcia earn her cooking merit badge. What does Carol do with the boys?
  A.   plays football
  B.   goes fishing
  C.   goes camping
  D.   plays baseball

3. What first made Bobby think Carol was a wicked stepmother?
  A.   when she asked him to sweep out the fireplace
  B.   when she sent him to his room for spilling his milk
  C.   when she wouldn't buy him a new bicycle until his birthday
  D.   when she makes him take out the trash

4. What was the name of the laundry detergent Carol used bfore she switched to the brand named Safe?
  A.   Bright
  B.   Ultima
  C.   Best
  D.   Gleam

5. When Greg and Tommy accidentally get their jackets switched, what does Carol find in what she believes to be Greg's jacket?
  A.   marijuana
  B.   cigarettes
  C.   pint of vodka
  D.   chewing tobacco

6. Mike's boss invites the Bradys for an outing on his boat, but it gets delayed when Carol becomes ill. What is wrong with her?
  A.   measles
  B.   tonsillitis
  C.   mumps
  D.   flu

7. Who invites Carol to tell her family's story?
  A.   Christian magazine
  B.   national newspaper
  C.   local newspaper
  D.   women's magazine

8. When Jan decides to not wear her new glasses, it leads to her causing an accident that damages something that Mike intended as an anniversary present for Carol. What was it?
  A.   radio
  B.   a portrait of the kids
  C.   lamp
  D.   plant

9. Cindy loses something that Carol had loaned to Marcia. What was it?
  A.   anklet
  B.   bracelet
  C.   necklace
  D.   earrings

10. What is the name of Carol's egomaniacal high school sweetheart?
  A.   Tank
  B.   Tex
  C.   Gus
  D.   Hank®   

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