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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Cindy Brady

What do you know about Cindy Brady of The Brady Bunch?

Quiz Number: 3178
Date Submitted: August 30, 2009
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: madman
Average Score: 68.8 percent
Times Taken: 347 times
Taken by Registered Users: 21

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The Brady Bunch Cindy Brady
(Image Source: Pointless Banter)

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1. What part did Cindy play in the school play called "The Frog Prince"?
  A.   fairy princess
  B.   wicked witch
  C.   good witch
  D.   queen

2. A bully once teased Cindy about her lisp. What was his name?
  A.   Bobby Hanson
  B.   Billy Henson
  C.   Buddy Hinton
  D.   Barry Halton

3. Coincidentally, Cindy gets tonsillitis at the same time as another family member. Who?
  A.   Marcia
  B.   Jan
  C.   Mike
  D.   Carol

4. For whom does Cindy agree to work as a magician's assistant in a school talent schow?
  A.   Greg
  B.   Peter
  C.   Bobby
  D.   Jan

5. Who poses as Cindy's secret admirer?
  A.   Bobby
  B.   Peter
  C.   Greg
  D.   Alice

6. Cindy once lost some jewelry that Carol loaned to Marcia. What was it?
  A.   ring
  B.   necklace
  C.   bracelet
  D.   earrings

7. What book did Cindy read to make herself appear older?
  A.   The Catcher in the Rye
  B.   The Other Side of Midnight
  C.   A Farewell to Arms
  D.   Wuthering Heights

8. Why did Cindy dress as Shirley Temple?
  A.   for a school play
  B.   according to Marcia's diary, she had a chance to be the next Shirley Temple
  C.   she was in a drama club
  D.   as a Halloween costume

9. Why wouldn't Cindy tell her parents what happened to the registered letter that Alice received?
  A.   because she forgot
  B.   because she promised the boys that she would not
  C.   because she was angry at Alice for squealing on her
  D.   because she didn't want Tiger to go to Siberia

10. What profession does Cindy take up when she grows up?
  A.   tour guide at the Grand Canyon
  B.   music DJ
  C.   artist
  D.   entertainment director on a cruise ship®   

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