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Trivia Quiz - Etta James: R & B Singer

What do you know about the great R & B Singer, Etta James?

Quiz Number: 3040
Date Submitted: December 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: R&B Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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Quiz is about: Etta James

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Etta James R  B Singer
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1. Etta's birth name was:
  A.   Etta Marie James
  B.   Marietta Sue Jameson
  C.   Etta Louise James
  D.   Jamesetta Hawkins

2. What kind of singing voice did Etta have?
  A.   contralto
  B.   soprano
  C.   barritone
  D.   bass

3. What was the name of Etta's first vocal group?
  A.   The Love Apples
  B.   The Peaches
  C.   The Swans
  D.   The Wallflowers

4. Who did Etta marry in 1969?
  A.   Artis Mills
  B.   Johnny Otis
  C.   Hank Ballard
  D.   James Earle Hines

5. Etta and her vocal group had a #1 R & B Hit in 1955. What is the name of the song?
  A.   Where's My Money?
  B.   You Don't Own Me
  C.   The Wallflower
  D.   At Last

6. Who portrayed Etta in the 2008 film "Cadillac Records"?
  A.   Beyonce Knowles
  B.   Jayda Pinkett Smith
  C.   Hallie Barrie
  D.   Diana Ross

7. What disease did Etta suffer from the 1960's through the 1980's?
  A.   alcoholism
  B.   heroine addiction
  C.   bulemia
  D.   anorexia

8. In 2003, Etta underwent what kind of surgery?
  A.   appendix removal
  B.   tonsilectomy
  C.   gastric bypass
  D.   open heart

9. With what company did Etta sign a recording contract in 1960?
  A.   Reprise
  B.   Decca
  C.   RCA
  D.   Chess Records

10. Who did Etta cite as the most significant influence on her style?
  A.   Aretha Franklin
  B.   Chuck Berry
  C.   Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  D.   Muddy Waters®   

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