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Trivia Quiz - TV Sitcom Bosses

Just about every TV sitcom about a working man or woman also features a boss. See how much you know about sitcom bosses.

Quiz Number: 3026
Date Submitted: December 29, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 69.8 percent
Times Taken: 187 times
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TV Sitcom Bosses
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1. Which of the following bosses did Elaine Benes NOT work for in "Seinfeld"?
  A.   J. Peterman
  B.   Mr. Pitt
  C.   Mr. Wilhelm
  D.   Mr. Lippman

2. What sitcom character had a boss named Larry Tate?
  A.   Roger Healey
  B.   Darrin Stephens
  C.   Archie Bunker
  D.   Gunther Toody

3. Who was Lucille Carmichael's boss on "The Lucy Show"?
  A.   Mr. Mathis
  B.   Mr. Jessup
  C.   Mr. Mooney
  D.   Mr. Abercrombie

4. Detectives Fish, Yemana, and Harris all answered to what boss?
  A.   Frank Luger
  B.   Roscoe Conkling
  C.   Alexander Waverly
  D.   Barney Miller

5. Who was Gabe Kotter's boss on "Welcome Back Kotter"?
  A.   Mr. Barbarino
  B.   Mr. Woodman
  C.   Mr. Washington
  D.   Mr. Epstein

6. Jane Hathaway's boss on "The Beverly Hillbillies" was Milton Drysdale. By what name did she refer to him?
  A.   Boss
  B.   Chief
  C.   President Drysdale
  D.   Exalted One

7. While this show is not exactly a sitcom, it is funny and it does have a boss. Who did TV's Frank work for on "Mystery Science Theater 3000"?
  A.   Dr. Forrester
  B.   Dr. Nelson
  C.   Dr. Chapin
  D.   Dr. Servo

8. Who was Ward Cleaver's boss on "Leave It To Beaver"?
  A.   Mr. Anderson
  B.   Mr. Rutherford
  C.   Mr. Haskell
  D.   Mr. Mattingly

9. Which of the following sitcom characters did NOT work for Captain Wallace Binghampton?
  A.   Lt. Cmdr McHale
  B.   Ensign Parker
  C.   Lt. Carpenter
  D.   Maj. Healey

10. Mary Richards worked for this boss in a sitcom but Lou Rossi worked for him in a dramatic series. Who is this boss?
  A.   Charlie Hume
  B.   Ted Baxter
  C.   Lou Grant
  D.   Sherman Potter®   

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