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Trivia Quiz - Barbour County, West Virginia

What do you know about Barbour County, West Virginia? Take this trivia quiz to find out!

Quiz Number: 2907
Date Submitted: November 21, 2008
Quiz Categories: North American Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 63.8 percent
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Barbour County West Virginia
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1. Who is Barbour County named for?
  A.   Barbour N. Grey
  B.   Philip Pendleton Barbour
  C.   George Washington's favorite horse
  D.   Maxmillian Q. Barbour

2. What is the county seat of Barbour County?
  A.   Junior
  B.   Arden
  C.   Belington
  D.   Philippi

3. What college is located in Barbour County?
  A.   WV Wesleyan
  B.   Davis and Elkins
  C.   Alderson Broaddus College
  D.   Belington State College

4. What historical event took place in Barbour County?
  A.   First land battle of the Civil War
  B.   The first gold strike east of the Mississippi RIver
  C.   President Franklin D. Roosevelt died there while on vacation
  D.   The worst mining disaster in the United States

5. On Jan. 2, 2006 four men from Barbour County did something that put them in the news, what was it?
  A.   They started the first new business to open there in 25 years
  B.   They died in the Sago Mine disaster in Upshur Co.
  C.   They discovered a new form of plant life
  D.   They built a prototype car that ran on cow manure

6. What is the name of the county's only high school?
  A.   Robert E. Lee HS
  B.   Lemuel Chenoweth HS
  C.   Philip Barbour HS
  D.   Barbour County HS

7. What did Lemuel Chenoweth build in Barbour Co in 1852 ?
  A.   A two span covered bridge
  B.   A mansion for the Governor's daughter
  C.   A clinic/hospital
  D.   A church with 2 dozen stained glass windows

8. Who built the first clinic in Barbour County?
  A.   Marshall Poling
  B.   Jehu Winfred Myers
  C.   John R. Weaver
  D.   `Laco Corder

9. What river runs through Barbour County?
  A.   The New River
  B.   The Shennendoah River
  C.   The Gauley River
  D.   The Tygart River

10. What is the name of Barbour County's weekly newspaper?
  A.   The Barbour Banner
  B.   The Barbour Exponent
  C.   The Barbour Democrat
  D.   The Philippi Intermountain®   

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