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Trivia Quiz - Greetings & Salutations in Song Titles

These questions are about songs that contain a greeting or salutation in the title.

Quiz Number: 2855
Date Submitted: October 10, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Rock Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 73.2 percent
Times Taken: 136 times
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Greetings  Salutations in Song Titles
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1. Who belted out "Hey Baby" in 1975?
  A.   Bad Company
  B.   Montrose
  C.   Ted Nugent
  D.   J. Geils Band

2. The love song "Hello, It's Me" was recorded by what artist in 1972?
  A.   Todd Rundgren
  B.   Steely Dan
  C.   Roxy Music
  D.   Badfinger

3. Who haunted us with "Hey You" in 1979?
  A.   Roxy Music
  B.   Traffic
  C.   King Crimson
  D.   Pink Floyd

4. Who recorded the love song "Hello" in 1984?
  A.   Billy Ocean
  B.   Luther Vandross
  C.   Lionel Ritchie
  D.   George Michael

5. Who screeched out "Welcome to my Nightmare" in 1975?
  A.   Kiss
  B.   Alice Cooper
  C.   Ozzy Osbourne
  D.   Frank Zappa

6. Who rocked out with "Hello, Mary Lou" in 1961?
  A.   Ricky Nelson
  B.   Buddy Holly
  C.   Elvis Presley
  D.   Bo Diddley

7. "Hey Jude" was performed by what band in 1968?
  A.   The Beatles
  B.   The Rolling Stones
  C.   The Kinks
  D.   The Who

8. Who sang "Hello Again" in 1980?
  A.   Billy Joel
  B.   Barry Manilow
  C.   JamesTaylor
  D.   Neil Diamond

9. Who seranded us with "Hey Hey, My My" (Into the Black)" in 1979?
  A.   Neil Young
  B.   Jackson Browne
  C.   John Fogerty
  D.   Leonard Cohen

10. What group recorded the 1968 hit "Hello, I Love You"?
  A.   The Doors
  B.   The Lovin Spoonful
  C.   The Troggs
  D.   The Rascals®   

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