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Trivia Quiz - Paul Newman's Movie Career

So many great movies from this great actor!!

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Date Submitted: September 27, 2008
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Quiz is about: Paul Newman

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Paul Newmans Movie Career
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1. In what year did Paul Newman make his movie debut in "The Silver Chalice?"
  A.   1954
  B.   1958
  C.   1948
  D.   1960

2. While playing Brick Pollitt, Paul Newman was nominated for his first Academy Award for his role in what movie?
  A.   "Somebody Up There Likes Me"
  B.   "Sweet Bird of Youth"
  C.   "The Young Philadelphians"
  D.   "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

3. In what film did Paul Newman first play Eddie Felson?
  A.   "Harper"
  B.   "The Hustler"
  C.   "From the Terrace"
  D.   "Winning"

4. This 1970's Paul Newman movie was partially filmed near the Oregon Coast:
  A.   "Pocket Money"
  B.   "Cool Hand Luke"
  C.   "Buffalo Bill and the Indians"
  D.   "Sometimes a Great Notion"

5. What character did Paul Newman play in "The Verdict?"
  A.   Frank Galvin
  B.   Walter Bridge
  C.   Reggie Dunlop
  D.   Sully Sullivan

6. Paul Newman founded a summer camp for seriously ill children called "Hole in the Wall Gang Camp." From which of his movies did Paul Newman take this name?
  A.   "The Sting"
  B.   "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"
  C.   "Fort Apache the Bronx"
  D.   "Harper"

7. Paul Newman was also a director. Which of these films did he NOT direct?
  A.   "Torn Curtain"
  B.   "Rachel, Rachel"
  C.   "The Shadow Box"
  D.   "The Glass Menagerie"

8. Paul Newman won a long overdue Oscar while playing Eddie Felson for a second time in what movie?
  A.   "Nobody's Fool"
  B.   "The Color of Money"
  C.   "Blaze"
  D.   "When Time Ran Out"

9. Paul Newman's last screen appearance was as mob boss in "Road to Perdition." Who was his co-star?
  A.   Robert Redford
  B.   Joanne Woodward
  C.   Tom Hanks
  D.   Julia Roberts

10. What character did Paul Newman voice in the animated movie "Cars"?
  A.   Lightning McQueen
  B.   Sheriff
  C.   Mack
  D.   Doc Hudson®   

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