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Trivia Quiz - The Modern Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are an important part of history. This quiz focuses on the Modern Olympic Games.

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Date Submitted: August 08, 2008
Quiz Categories: Olympic Sports
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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The Modern Olympic Games
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1. The Modern Olympic Games began in 1896 in what city?
  A.   Athens, Greece
  B.   Oslo, Norway
  C.   Rome, Italy
  D.   Cairo, Egypt

2. The motto of the Modern Olympic Games is:
  A.   "Working Together as One"
  B.   "Worldwide Unity"
  C.   "Swifter, Higher, Stronger"
  D.   "The Best of the Best"

3. Why are there 5 Rings intertwined as an Olympic symbol?
  A.   represents the first 5 countries to join in the Games
  B.   the colors of the Greek states' flags
  C.   the unity of the 5 inhabited continents
  D.   to honor the Greek God Hierachy

4. Where is the Olympic Flame housed between Games?
  A.   The United Nations in New York City
  B.   Olympia, Greece
  C.   Rome, Italy
  D.   Stockholm, Sweden

5. Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage in Munich in this year:
  A.   1960
  B.   1968
  C.   1972
  D.   1988

6. In 1976, who was the first Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10?
  A.   Nadia Comaneci
  B.   Paul Hamm
  C.   Olga Korbut
  D.   Alexei Nemov

7. The Moscow Olympic boycott happened in what year?
  A.   1980
  B.   1984
  C.   2000
  D.   2004

8. When did the Summer and Winter Olympics begin to be held in different years?
  A.   1996
  B.   1992
  C.   1984
  D.   1976

9. The 2012 Summer Olympics are located in:
  A.   Mexico City, Mexico
  B.   Stockholm, Sweden
  C.   London, England
  D.   Tokyo, Japan

10. The 2010 Winter Olympics are located in:
  A.   Oslo, Norway
  B.   Grenoble, France
  C.   Sapporo, Japan
  D.   Vancouver, Canada®   

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