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Trivia Quiz - Elmo Zumwalt Jr. - Military Man

I am not including Elmo Zumwalt's military rank in this description or the quiz's title as it is one of the questions in the quiz! I saw a movie about him a few years ago and thought his story was interesting.

Quiz Number: 2607
Date Submitted: June 05, 2008
Quiz Categories: American History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 74.6 percent
Times Taken: 26 times
Taken by Registered Users: 10
Quiz is about: Elmo Zumwalt Jr.

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Elmo Zumwalt Jr.  Military Man
(Image Source: Elmo Zumwalt Jr. @ Wikimedia Commons)

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1. Elmo Zumwalt Jr. was the youngest man to do what?
  A.   serve on an aircraft carrier during war time.
  B.   reform naval personnel policies.
  C.   serve as Chief of Naval Operations
  D.   marry during wartime.

2. How far did Elmo progress in the Boy Scouts of America?
  A.   Webelos
  B.   Life Scout
  C.   Eagle Scout
  D.   Tenderfoot

3. Elmo played a major part in which war?
  A.   Korean
  B.   Vietnam
  C.   Desert Storm
  D.   WWII

4. Elmo sent out 121 directives over a 4-year period. What were they called?
  A.   Z-Grams
  B.   Elmoessages
  C.   Ememos
  D.   directives

5. What did Elmo do during the Vietnam War that is believed to have affected his son years later?
  A.   ordered all soldiers to have a series of shots to prevent malaria, scurvy, smallpox and Asian Flu
  B.   ordered the spraying of the defoliant, Agent Orange
  C.   ordered the use of bullets with higher lead concentrations
  D.   ordered soldiers to take a pill containing mercury once a week.

6. What is the name of the book written by Elmo and his son?
  A.   A Father and His Son Go To War
  B.   Down to The Sea In Battleships
  C.   My Father, My Son
  D.   Our Battles

7. In the 1980's, Elmo lobbied Congress to establish what?
  A.   a special wing in the Library of Congress for Naval Authors
  B.   a fund to study the effects of gamma rays on barnacles
  C.   a national registry for bone marrow donors.
  D.   a national holiday for Naval Veterans

8. Elmo ended his military career holding what rank?
  A.   Admiral
  B.   Judge Adjutant General
  C.   Colonel
  D.   Vice Admiral

9. Both of Elmo's parents were:
  A.   doctors
  B.   lawyers
  C.   chefs
  D.   egyptologists

10. Who played Elmo in the TV movie about him and his son, Elmo III?
  A.   Robert Redford
  B.   David Carradine
  C.   Karl Malden
  D.   Frank Sinatra Jr.®   

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