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Trivia Quiz - All in the Family Characters: Edith Bunker

What do you know about this devoted wife, mother, and grandmother who starred on "All in the Family?"

Quiz Number: 2573
Date Submitted: May 28, 2008
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, All in the Family
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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All in the Family Characters Edith Bunker
(Image Source: Edith Bunker @ Classic TV Hits)

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1. What did Archie call Edith?
  A.   Honey Child
  B.   Wuizzer
  C.   Darlin'
  D.   Dingbat

2. What was the name of Edith's only grandchild?
  A.   Joey
  B.   Mikey
  C.   Lionel
  D.   Rose

3. What did Edith accidentally shoplift?
  A.   scarf
  B.   wig
  C.   one glove
  D.   a box of chocolates

4. Edith had an incident with the car of a Catholic priest. What happened?
  A.   hit it with a shopping cart
  B.   mistook it for hers, and tried to start it
  C.   dropped a can of peaches on it
  D.   she refused to argue with him about the cost

5. Who was Edith Bunker's famous cousin?
  A.   Louise
  B.   Maude
  C.   Flo
  D.   Alice

6. When Edith got bored, where did she get a part-time job?
  A.   Sunshine Cab
  B.   Sunshine Cleaners
  C.   Sunshine Home
  D.   Sunshine Shoppe

7. What caused Edith to move out of her home?
  A.   the upstairs toilet overflowed
  B.   Gloria needed help
  C.   rainstorm soaked the living room
  D.   Archie's involvement with Denise

8. What happened to Edith on her 50th birthday?
  A.   Sammy Davis sang to her
  B.   she started menopause
  C.   a man attempted to rape her
  D.   Archie forgot her birthday - so nothing happened

9. What was the cause of Edith's death (off camera)?
  A.   stroke
  B.   breast cancer
  C.   heart failure
  D.   diabetes

10. In how many total episodes of "All in the Family" did Edith Bunker appear?
  A.   284 episodes
  B.   301 episodes
  C.   236 episodes
  D.   200 episodes®   

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