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Trivia Quiz - The Mary Tyler Moore Show Characters: Mary Richards

What do you know about the lead character of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show?"She turns the world on with her smile!

Quiz Number: 2560
Date Submitted: May 25, 2008
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Times Taken: 387 times
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The Mary Tyler Moore Show Characters Mary Richards
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1. What was Mary Richards' hometown?
  A.   Twin Falls, MN
  B.   Antigo, MN
  C.   Roseburg, MN
  D.   Lincoln, MN

2. About how long did Mary live at 119 N Wetherly Drive?
  A.   2 years
  B.   4 years
  C.   6 years
  D.   8 years

3. What was Mary Richards' first job at MJM-TV?
  A.   Receptionist
  B.   Associate Producer
  C.   Secretary
  D.   Assistant to Ted Baxter

4. What was Mary Richards' father's occupation?
  A.   heart surgeon
  B.   newspaper editor
  C.   army general
  D.   shopkeeper

5. When Henry Winkler played a guest at a dinner party, what meat did Mary serve?
  A.   Duck
  B.   Pork
  C.   Veal
  D.   Lamb

6. What car does Mary Richards drive in the first season of her series?
  A.   1966 SuperSport
  B.   1968 VW Bug
  C.   1969 Nova
  D.   1970 Mustang

7. Mary finally won a Teddy Award for what program?
  A.   "Singles Night"
  B.   "Tax Tips for Women"
  C.   "How to Win a Man"
  D.   "The Sunday Show"

8. In one of the series best episodes, what happens to Mary at the funeral of Chuckles the Clown?
  A.   forgets her eulogy
  B.   her black dress gets stuck in her pantyhose
  C.   hits the hearse causing the casket to fall out
  D.   can't supress her laughter

9. How long did Mary Richards work at WJM-TV?
  A.   4 years
  B.   7 years
  C.   9 years
  D.   over 10 years

10. At the beginning of the series, what is Mary Richards' marital status?
  A.   newly engaged
  B.   recent broken engagement
  C.   in the process of divorcing
  D.   widowed®   

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