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Trivia Quiz - American Graffiti Characters

Do you remember the actors who played these memorable characters in "American Graffiti?"

Quiz Number: 2490
Date Submitted: May 03, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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American Graffiti Characters
(Image Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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1. Who played Steve in "American Graffiti"?
  A.   Brandon Cruz
  B.   Tom Hanks
  C.   Tony Dow
  D.   Ronny Howard

2. Curt was played by __________?
  A.   Richard Dreyfuss
  B.   Bo Hopkins
  C.   Harrison Ford
  D.   Richard Benjamin

3. "American Graffiti" had who playing Milner?
  A.   Terry McGovern
  B.   Paul LeMat
  C.   Ted Danson
  D.   Joe Spano

4. Who played bratty Carol?
  A.   Kay Lenz
  B.   Mackenzie Phillips
  C.   JoBeth Williams
  D.   Sally Field

5. Laurie was the "American Graffiti" character played by ______________?
  A.   Cindy Williams
  B.   Pam Dawber
  C.   Susan Richardson
  D.   Sally Struthers

6. Bob Falfa was the name of the character played by _____________?
  A.   Johnny Weissmuller Jr
  B.   Bo Hopkins
  C.   Tom Selleck
  D.   Harrison Ford

7. "Toad" was played in graffiti by ___________?
  A.   Clint Howard
  B.   Peter Scolari
  C.   Charles Martin Smith
  D.   Jim Bohan

8. Who played Debbie?
  A.   Louise Lasser
  B.   Kate Segal
  C.   Candy Clark
  D.   Jana Bellan

9. Who made her screen debut playing Peg?
  A.   Julia Roberts
  B.   Gena Rowlands
  C.   Sigourney Weaver
  D.   Kathleen Quinlan

10. Who was the Mysterious Blonde who cruised around in "American Graffiti"?
  A.   Cheryl Tiegs
  B.   Suzanne Somers
  C.   Farrah Fawcett
  D.   Christie Brinkley®   

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