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Trivia Quiz - Barry Switzer: Former OU Head Coach

One of OU's best head coaches. Test your knowledge about Barry Switzer's career!

Quiz Number: 2293
Date Submitted: March 16, 2008
Quiz Categories: NFL Football, Big 12 Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: phonerec
Average Score: 63.7 percent
Times Taken: 103 times
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Quiz is about: Barry Switzer

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Barry Switzer Former OU Head Coach
(Image Source: Barry Switzer @ Sooner Sports)

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1. In what state was Mr. Switzer born?
  A.   Oklahoma
  B.   Arkansas
  C.   Kansas
  D.   Nebraska

2. What did his dad do for a living?
  A.   mechanic
  B.   salesman
  C.   electrician
  D.   bootlegger

3. In what branch of the military did Barry briefly serve?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Air Force
  D.   Marines

4. At what university did Switzer have his 1st assistant coaching position?
  A.   Oklahoma
  B.   Kansas
  C.   Nebraska
  D.   Arkansas

5. What year did he move to Oklahoma?
  A.   1967
  B.   1968
  C.   1966
  D.   1965

6. What football play did he help to perfect?
  A.   T formation
  B.   Wishbone
  C.   run and shoot
  D.   pass play

7. What year did he become head coach at Oklahoma?
  A.   1973
  B.   1972
  C.   1971
  D.   1970

8. How many years was he head coach for Oklahoma?
  A.   7
  B.   16
  C.   14
  D.   20

9. Which pro team did he coach?
  A.   Dallas Cowboys
  B.   N.Y. Jets
  C.   Denver Bronco's
  D.   San Francisco 49'ers

10. What year was he elected to the College Football Hall of Fame?
  A.   2001
  B.   2000
  C.   2002
  D.   2003®   

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