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Trivia Quiz - Trading Spaces Personalities

If you watch the do-it-yourself TV show, "Trading Spaces" you will easily be able to name the personalities being described.

Quiz Number: 2242
Date Submitted: March 16, 2008
Quiz Categories: TV Reality Shows
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Trading Spaces Personalities
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1. Which host finally returned to the show for the 2007-08 series?
  A.   Brandon Runer
  B.   Vern Yip
  C.   Thad Mills
  D.   Paige Davis

2. This designer is known for his country style which occasionally includes a chicken or two:
  A.   Frank Bilec
  B.   Edward Walker
  C.   Doug Wilson
  D.   Faber Dewar

3. This designer is known for using unusual wall coverings like hay, old phonograph albums, and shredded paper:
  A.   Ty Pennington
  B.   Genevieve Gorder
  C.   Hildi Santo-Tomas
  D.   Amy Wynn Pastor

4. This carpenter went on to host "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition:"
  A.   Frank Bilec
  B.   Handy Andy
  C.   Vern Yip
  D.   Ty Pennington

5. This was the first host of "Trading Spaces:"
  A.   Edward Walker
  B.   Suzanne Whang
  C.   Alex McLeod
  D.   Paula Deen

6. This Scottish carpenter is an accomplished furniture maker:
  A.   Faber Dewar
  B.   Doug Wilson
  C.   Edward Walker
  D.   Frank Bilec

7. This stubborn designer also hosts the TLC show "Moving Up:"
  A.   Alex McLeod
  B.   Brandon Runes
  C.   Doug Wilson
  D.   Mark Mason

8. This Southern designer is known for using expensive fabrics:
  A.   Laurie Hickson-Smith
  B.   Amy Wynn Pastor
  C.   Handy Andy
  D.   Andrew Dan Jumbo

9. This female carpenter joined the show in 2000:
  A.   Paige Davis
  B.   Amy Wynn Pastor
  C.   Amy Devers
  D.   Lauren Makk

10. This successful designer started out studying to be a doctor:
  A.   Hildi Santo-Tomas
  B.   Alex McLeod
  C.   Vern Yip
  D.   Edward Walker®   

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