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Trivia Quiz - Hayden Panettiere: Film Roles

How much do you know about the film characters that Hayden Panettiere has played?

Quiz Number: 2180
Date Submitted: February 29, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: catherine
Average Score: 41 percent
Times Taken: 49 times
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Quiz is about: Hayden Panettiere

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Hayden Panettiere Film Roles
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1. Hayden Panettiere starred in "A Bug's Life" (1998), providing the voice of what character?
  A.   The Queen
  B.   Princess Atta
  C.   Rosie
  D.   Dot

2. The 2000 film "Remember the Titans" starred Hayden as what character?
  A.   Sheryl Yoast
  B.   Carol Boone
  C.   Emma Hoyt
  D.   Nikki Boone

3. Hayden provided the voice for what character in the 2000 animated film "Dinosaur?"
  A.   Plio
  B.   Neera
  C.   Suri
  D.   Baylene

4. What character did Hayden play in "Joe Somebody" (2001)?
  A.   Cassandra Taylor
  B.   Meg Harper
  C.   Callie Scheffer
  D.   Natalie Scheffer

5. Which of the following characters did Hayden play in the 2003 movie "Normal?"
  A.   Beth
  B.   Becky
  C.   Irma Applewood
  D.   Patty Ann Applewood

6. What role did Hayden play in the 2004 film "Raising Helen?"
  A.   Lindsay Davis
  B.   Helen Harris
  C.   Sarah Davis
  D.   Audrey Davis

7. What role did Hayden play in the 2005 Disney live action film "Ice Princess?"
  A.   Gennifer "Gen" Harwood
  B.   Casey Carlyle
  C.   Tina Harwood
  D.   Nikki Fletcher

8. Which of the following characters did Hayden play in the 2005 adventure/comedy film, "Racing Stripes?"
  A.   Clara Dalrymple
  B.   Channing Walsh
  C.   Reporter
  D.   Anthem Singer

9. Hayden played what role in the film 2006 film "The Architect?"
  A.   Christina Waters
  B.   Julia Waters
  C.   Tonya Neely
  D.   Missy Neely

10. What part did Hayden play in the 2007 film "Shanghai Kiss?"
  A.   Georgia
  B.   Adelaide Bourbon
  C.   Virginia
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