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Trivia Quiz - Ritchie Valens: The Day the Music Died

What do you know about the great Ritchie Valens?

Quiz Number: 2159
Date Submitted: February 23, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 73.1 percent
Times Taken: 218 times
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Quiz is about: Ritchie Valens

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Ritchie Valens The Day the Music Died
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1. When was Ritchie Valens born?
  A.   May 13, 1941
  B.   June 13, 1941
  C.   July 13, 1941
  D.   Aug 13, 1941

2. What was his full name?
  A.   Ricardo L. Valens
  B.   Richard Steven Valenzuela
  C.   Richard Villanueva
  D.   Ritchie Valenz

3. In 1957, Ritchie Valen joined his first band which was called:
  A.   The Silhouettes
  B.   The Crickets
  C.   LaBamba
  D.   The Dells

4. What song was on the "B" side of LaBamba, released in 1958?
  A.   Come On. Let's Go
  B.   Donna
  C.   Little Girl
  D.   Baby Blues

5. What was Ritchie's first song on the Del-Fi label?
  A.   Come On. Let's Go
  B.   Donna
  C.   Little Girl
  D.   Baby Blues

6. What was Ritchie's high school girlfriend's name?
  A.   Sandy
  B.   Donna
  C.   Maria
  D.   Elena

7. Who portrayed Ritchie Valens in the movie "LaBamba"?
  A.   Lou Diamond Phillips
  B.   Esai Morales
  C.   Jimmy Smitts
  D.   Gary Busey

8. Ritchie Valens was afraid of:
  A.   dogs
  B.   airplanes
  C.   heights
  D.   swimming

9. Ritchie Valens was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in what year?
  A.   1989
  B.   1999
  C.   2001
  D.   2007

10. How old was Ritchie Valens when he died?
  A.   16
  B.   17
  C.   18
  D.   19®   

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