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Trivia Quiz - Peanuts Fun #2

Good Grief, everyone loves Peanuts! Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and more!

Quiz Number: 2109
Date Submitted: February 07, 2008
Quiz Categories: Peanuts Animated Series
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: phonerec
Average Score: 92.5 percent
Times Taken: 198 times
Taken by Registered Users: 34

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Peanuts Fun 2
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1. This main character has a round head:
  A.   Charlie Smith
  B.   Charlie Jones
  C.   Charlie Black
  D.   Charlie Brown

2. Which character plays the piano?
  A.   Schroeder
  B.   Lucy
  C.   Linus
  D.   Sally

3. What breed of dog is Snoopy?
  A.   boxer
  B.   bloodhound
  C.   beagle
  D.   collie

4. Who ran the psychiatric booth?
  A.   Pattie
  B.   Sally
  C.   Violet
  D.   Lucy

5. How much did a session at the psychiatric booth cost?
  A.   5 cents
  B.   10 cents
  C.   15 cents
  D.   25 cents

6. Which of the following is the gang's most common nickname for Charlie Brown?
  A.   jerk
  B.   blockhead
  C.   dummy
  D.   goofball

7. What is Linus usually holding in his hands?
  A.   baseball glove
  B.   teddy bear
  C.   security blanket
  D.   baseball bat

8. What is the name of Peppermint Patty's sidekick?
  A.   Marcie
  B.   Joan
  C.   Linda
  D.   Elaine

9. On whom does Sally have a crush?
  A.   Linus
  B.   Schroeder
  C.   Franklin
  D.   Shermy

10. What is the name of Snoopy's bird friend?
  A.   Tweety
  B.   Woodstock
  C.   Birdie
  D.   Spike®   

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