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Trivia Quiz - Tremors - Actors, Producers, and Directors

The original Tremors film, released in 1990, packed some star power and became something of a cult classic. As of the writing of this quiz, there have been three additions to the Tremors franchise. Can you name the key actors, actresses an

Quiz Number: 2047
Date Submitted: January 15, 2008
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Sci Fi Movies
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: eyelessgavin
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Tremors  Actors Producers and Directors
(Image Source: Tremors)

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1. This actor has played several characters named Earl in his long movie career, and stars as Earl Basset in Tremors.
  A.   Fred Ward
  B.   Bill Ward
  C.   Larry Ward
  D.   Fred Thompson

2. Another main Tremors actor went on to be invisible in Hollow Man and somewhat psychic in Stir of Echoes (among many others).
  A.   Kevin Costner
  B.   Edmund Bacon
  C.   Kevin Bacon
  D.   Kevin Spacey

3. The only Tremors alum to have a role in all four films in the series, this actor plays a hardcore survivalist.
  A.   Michael Gross
  B.   Michael Jackson
  C.   Michael York
  D.   Michael Murphy

4. Playing opposite of Burt Gummer, this infamous actress had her own television sitcom beginning in 2001.
  A.   Winona Ryder
  B.   Scarlett Pomers
  C.   Reba McEntire
  D.   Portia de Rossi

5. The lead female role of Rhonda LeBeck, played by this actress, marries Valentine McKee after the screen fades to black, in between the first and second film.
  A.   Helen Shaver
  B.   Susan Chuang
  C.   Finn Carter
  D.   Ariana Richards

6. The director of the first Tremors, would also go on to direct City Slickers the next year, but would not return for the next three Tremors films.
  A.   Ron Howard
  B.   Sam Raimi
  C.   Peter Jackson
  D.   Ron Underwood

7. This producer of the original Tremors would go on to direct Tremors 2: Aftershocks and Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.
  A.   Brent Maddock
  B.   Ron Underwood
  C.   S. S. Wilson
  D.   H. W. Wilson

8. This producer of the original Tremors would go on to direct Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.
  A.   Brent Maddock
  B.   Brent Glass
  C.   Kyle Maddock
  D.   Kyle Glass

9. This actor marks the middle of his movie career with a somewhat small role in Tremors, and named the creatures in the film.
  A.   Jack Kerouac
  B.   Victor Wong
  C.   Zeppelin Wong
  D.   Wayne Wang

10. If it weren’t for this “character,” there would have been no Tremors in the first place.
  A.   Mongolian Death Worm
  B.   Shrieker
  C.   Graboid
  D.   Python®   

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