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Trivia Quiz - Phobias - "The Fear of..."

Names of anxiety disorders and their meanings.

Quiz Number: 1974
Date Submitted: January 07, 2008
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: 0zero0
Average Score: 46.1 percent
Times Taken: 193 times
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Phobias  The Fear of...
(Image Source: Fear of Flying)

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1. A person with acrophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   acorns
  B.   spiders
  C.   heights
  D.   speed

2. A person with chionophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   everything
  B.   snow
  C.   travel
  D.   church

3. A person with bibliophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   bible verses
  B.   books
  C.   wind
  D.   stairs

4. A person with dendrophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   ghosts
  B.   dogs
  C.   trees
  D.   dentists

5. A person with erythrophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   clowns
  B.   tents
  C.   the color red
  D.   heights

6. A person with frigophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   frogs
  B.   gophers
  C.   cold
  D.   flying

7. A person with glossophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   goats
  B.   vampires
  C.   mirrors
  D.   public speaking

8. A person with hippophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   hippos
  B.   hippies
  C.   horses
  D.   hiccups

9. A person with iophobia has a fear of what?
  A.   ladders
  B.   poison
  C.   heat
  D.   ice

10. A person with kakorraphiaphobia has a fear of what?
  A.   questions
  B.   failure
  C.   riding in automobiles
  D.   karaoke®   

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