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Trivia Quiz - The Simpsons Movie

"The Simpsons Movie" is a hilarious flick! written by catherine

Quiz Number: 1813
Date Submitted: November 27, 2007
Quiz Categories: Animated Movies, The Simpsons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: catherine
Average Score: 80.9 percent
Times Taken: 349 times
Taken by Registered Users: 21

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The Simpsons Movie
(Image Source: The Simpsons Movie)

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1. Who rides the skateboard naked?
  A.   Bart
  B.   Homer
  C.   Lisa
  D.   Ned Flanders

2. Who is the only one that takes Grandpa's religious vision seriously?
  A.   Bart
  B.   Homer
  C.   Ned Flanders
  D.   Marge

3. Lisa's environmentalist friend's name is:
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Colin
  C.   Kyle
  D.   Kevin

4. Homer adopts a pet:
  A.   pig
  B.   racoon
  C.   possum
  D.   cow

5. Homer ignores Bart and forces his son to seek a fatherly figure in:
  A.   Seymour Skinner (school principal)
  B.   Charles Montgomery Burns (Homer's boss)
  C.   his grandfather
  D.   Ned Flanders

6. How does the family escape from the angry mob?
  A.   through a sinkhole in Maggie's sandbox
  B.   they dig under the dome
  C.   they hide in their basement
  D.   they sneak out the back and get away in their car

7. The Simpson's escape to:
  A.   Florida
  B.   Europe
  C.   Alaska
  D.   The Bahamas

8. Homer's nick name for the mysterious Inuit shaman is:
  A.   Eskimo Pie
  B.   Booby
  C.   Boob Lady
  D.   Inuit Lady

9. The Simpson's see a television commercial advertising Springfield as the new:
  A.   Snake River Canyon
  B.   Grand Canyon
  C.   Columbia River Gorge
  D.   Hell's Canyon

10. How do Homer and Bart get the bomb out of the dome covering the town?
  A.   they rode a motorcycle to the top and threw it out
  B.   with a giant slingshot
  C.   with a kid's rocket launcher
  D.   with a giant slinky®   

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