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Trivia Quiz - I Love Lucy - Fabulous 50s Sitcom #2

Pretty tough quiz about I Love Lucy. -LittleLady

Quiz Number: 1738
Date Submitted: November 06, 2007
Quiz Categories: I Love Lucy
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
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I Love Lucy  Fabulous 50s Sitcom 2
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1. Who played the Ricardo's neighbor, Mrs. Trumbull?
  A.   Verna Felton
  B.   Elizabeth Patterson
  C.   Barbara Pepper
  D.   Doris Singleton

2. What was the name of the ship on which the cast traveled to Europe?
  A.   The Constitution
  B.   The Independence
  C.   The QE II
  D.   The Titanic

3. Who gave Lucy and Ethel their giant walk-in freezer?
  A.   Lucy's Uncle Oscar
  B.   Lucy's Uncle Ed
  C.   Ethel's Uncle Oscar
  D.   Ethel's Uncle Ed

4. What type of car did the Ricardo's & Mertz's take to California?
  A.   Cadilliac
  B.   Chevrolet
  C.   Ford
  D.   Pontiac

5. Who was the head of the Ricardo clan in Cuba?
  A.   Father Ernesto
  B.   Grandfather Carlos
  C.   Uncle Alberto
  D.   Uncle Romero

6. To what town in Connecticut did the Ricardo's move?
  A.   Mystic
  B.   Westport
  C.   New Haven
  D.   Bridgeport

7. What was the name of the health food fanatic that Lucy & Ethel thought was the hatchet murderer in the episode "Off to Florida"
  A.   Mrs. Lundy
  B.   Mrs. Bundy
  C.   Mrs. Trundy
  D.   Mrs. Grundy

8. Lucy and Ethel got jobs in a candy factory. What was the name of the company?
  A.   Karrol's Kandy Kitchen
  B.   Kramer's Kandy Kitchen
  C.   Karl's Kandy Kitchen
  D.   It was never mentioned

9. What was the name of the dress shop Lucy and Ethel bought? (before they changed the name)?
  A.   Jackson's
  B.   Johnson's
  C.   Hansen's
  D.   Carol's

10. The one and only time the words to the "I Love Lucy" theme song were sung was on what occasion?
  A.   Lucy & Ricky's anniversary
  B.   When Little Ricky was born
  C.   When Ricky found out Lucy was pregnant
  D.   Lucy's birthday®   

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