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Trivia Quiz - Great Western Films Basics

Get up on out of there, you lonesome doggie!

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Great Western Films Basics
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1. What famous leading man began his film career in the 1943 Hopalong Cassidy film, "Hoppy Serves a Writ?"
  A.   Jimmy Stewart
  B.   Gary Cooper
  C.   John Wayne
  D.   Robert Mitchum

2. In what 1969 film did Paul Newman and Robert Redford portray the ringleaders of the "Wild Bunch", the notorious turn-of-the-century outlaw gang?
  A.   Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  B.   The Outlaws
  C.   The Magnificent Seven
  D.   The Cowboys

3. What Old West character was portrayed in various films by Mack Brown, Robert Taylor, Paul Newman and Kris Kristofferson?
  A.   Billy the Kid
  B.   Buffalo Bill
  C.   Wyatt Earp
  D.   The Waco Kid

4. What 1963 John Wayne Western was reportedly based on William Shakespeare's, "The Taming of the Shrew?"
  A.   Chisum
  B.   Hondo
  C.   McLintock!
  D.   True Grit

5. What 1939 film marked Errol Flynn's first appearance in a Western?
  A.   Dodge City
  B.   The Virginian
  C.   Union Pacific
  D.   The Last Roundup

6. What 1941 film depicted the Battle at Little Big Horn, starred Errol Flynn as Custer and Anthony Quinn as Chief Crazy Horse?
  A.   The Big Trail
  B.   They Died with Their Boots On
  C.   Little Big Horn
  D.   High Noon

7. Who played John Wayne's romantic interest in Howard Hawk's 1959 Western, "Rio Bravo?"
  A.   Angie Dickinson
  B.   Yvonne DeCarlo
  C.   Ann Margaret
  D.   Stephanie Powers

8. What hilarious 1974 spoof on Westerns was directed by Mel Brooks?
  A.   The Cowboys
  B.   Blazing Saddles
  C.   The Shootist
  D.   A Man Called Horse

9. What 1959 Western depicted a team of lawmen that included John Wayne, Walter Brennan, Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson?
  A.   Rio Bravo
  B.   The Gunslingers
  C.   Fort Apache
  D.   The Searchers

10. Who played the lead role in the 1972 film, "Jeremiah Johnson", based on the life of mountain man, John Johnson?
  A.   Paul Newman
  B.   Clint Eastwood
  C.   Robert Redford
  D.   Forrest Tucker®   

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