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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch Basics #1

Mike Brady, Carol Brady, Greg Brady, Marcia Brady, Peter Brady, Jan Brady, Bobby Brady, Cindy Brady and Alice Nelson all make up this Brady Bunch trivia!

Quiz Number: 1613
Date Submitted: September 12, 2007
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: ravioli
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The Brady Bunch Basics 1
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1. What is the profession of Mike Brady?
  A.   engineer
  B.   scientist
  C.   architect
  D.   lawyer

2. What happened to Mike's first wife?
  A.   she ran away with the mailman
  B.   she was deceased
  C.   she abandoned them
  D.   she divorced mike

3. Peter Brady play the part of what historical figure in a school play?
  A.   George Washington
  B.   John Paul Jones
  C.   Benedict Arnold
  D.   John Hancock

4. What famous football player comes to visit Bobby because, according to a letter sent by Cindy, he is fatally ill?
  A.   O.J. Simpson
  B.   Bart Starr
  C.   Joe Namath
  D.   Fran Tarkenton

5. What is the name of the high school that the kids attend?
  A.   Westdale
  B.   Fairview
  C.   Riverdale
  D.   Jefferson

6. what is the name of the Brady's dog?
  A.   Comet
  B.   Jupiter
  C.   Frogger
  D.   Tiger

7. Alice the house keeper dates Sam the butcher, What is Alice's last name?
  A.   Niland
  B.   Nissenbaum
  C.   Nelson
  D.   Nordstrom

8. What is the excuse Gregg tells Marcia to use to get out of a date with Charlie, the boy from the hardware store?
  A.   I have to wash my hair
  B.   someone has called me to babysit
  C.   something suddenly came up
  D.   I need to study for a test

9. When the kids are all grown what political office does Mike run for?
  A.   state senate
  B.   school committee
  C.   assemblyman
  D.   city council member

10. Which Brady winds up in a wheelchair as an adult as a result of a race car accident?
  A.   Bobby
  B.   Peter
  C.   Gregg
  D.   Mike®   

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