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Trivia Quiz - Basketball Basics

A quiz all about basketball - facts, figures, and some basic trivia. All facts are based on statistics including the 2006-07 season. -lmcubs

Quiz Number: 1573
Date Submitted: September 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: Basketball
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Basketball Basics
(Image Source: James Naismith)

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1. In what year did James Naismith invent the game of basketball?
  A.   1881
  B.   1886
  C.   1891
  D.   1901

2. When Dr. Naismith invented the game how many rules did he devise?
  A.   13 rules
  B.   23 rules
  C.   7 rules
  D.   37 rules

3. How many long is the standard NBA court?
  A.   86 feet
  B.   90 feet
  C.   100 feet
  D.   94 feet

4. How high off the ground is the NBA basketball hoop?
  A.   8 feet
  B.   10 feet
  C.   12 feet
  D.   15 feet

5. In what year did the Woman's National Basketball Association come into existence?
  A.   1985
  B.   2000
  C.   1991
  D.   1997

6. Which NBA team was the first to win fifteen NBA Championships?
  A.   New York Knicks
  B.   Boston Celtics
  C.   Los Angeles Lakers
  D.   San Antonio Spurs

7. What NBA coach was the first to boast 1,100 regular season victories?
  A.   Bill Fitch
  B.   Red Auerbach
  C.   Lenny Wilkins
  D.   Chuck Daly

8. Who was the first NBA player to score over 38,000 career points?
  A.   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  B.   Michael Jordan
  C.   Larry Bird
  D.   Wilt Chamberlin

9. What NBA player was the first to win six Most Valuable Player awards?
  A.   Michael Jordan
  B.   Bill Russell
  C.   Larry Bird
  D.   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

10. Who was the #1 Draft Pick in the 2007 College Draft?
  A.   Kevin Durant
  B.   Mike Conley
  C.   Greg Oden
  D.   Al Horford®   

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